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michael kors handbags
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Today I Played : Resident Evil 6
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Resident Evil 6 trailer shows Left 4 Dead 2 crossover cameos, roundhouse kicks
Resident Evil 6 is out on PC starting today, and as announced by Capcom last week, it will feature PC zombie-slayers Coach, Ellis, Nick, and Rochelle from Left 4 Dead 2 in the exclusive Mercenaries No Mercy mode. A new trailer shows them doing what they do best, but the crossover hop seems to have bestowed the foursome with a repertoire of hilariously dramatic melee moves. There's no reason why the barrel-chested Coach would choose to shoulder-check through a horde before roll-diving away to blast an RPG at point blank, but damn if it isn't stylish.
Resident Evil 6 steam cd key
You can grab Resident Evil 6 here only for $19.99.


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red bottoms shoesrp86
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