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Now once the Bardo concerns me in this life,
Similarly, when amaziah Ru Ajia (Yamaraja) asked the Maharaja · 's, tyre (MaharajaYudhisthira): "what is the most wonderful thing in the planet, can you explain? "Maharaja · 's, tyre replied:" Yes. " The most wonderful thing is every time, his friends, his father and relatives were dead, but he was like, ' I will live forever '. "He didn't want him to die, never desires to look like a animal and then the next moment it will be slaughtered. Provided that there is certainly enough, it meets, and that is it. It meets within the sensory pleasures. He does not know he could be about to die.
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 Just as the circle of life, civilization reincarnation, every day life is not "dead", the entire world will not really "end of days", all the ancient end times prophecies just saying the Holocaust or cleaning, and not vanish completely.
We go through here, even cries intensified, they hand the reins, all urging the horses rush.
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Minna bypass, heart while bored. Master suspect her, close the master is exactly what? Simply because she would never know Akers recently stood a new methods to be brilliant, Dorothy was wanting to take her to boost their particular status in the master.
Car a little way away just stopped at one, loud laughs: "Yeah, left, baby siblings, you blamed a small army, and provide my daughter daughter-in-law, you are not pleased with it? Haha "
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"I know, but you are also very sad,------for women"
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