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The number of DVD subscribers fell rapidly when Netflix decided to split up its two offerings in the summer of 2011, essentially asking people to pay $8 each for its DVD and streaming plans, whereas it had previously offered both for the same price. (Netflix also offered both higher- and lower-priced DVD packages, but the $8 plan was the company??s best-promoted product.) In Q3 of 2011, Netflix had close to 14 million DVD subscribers. Half a year later, that number had dropped to 10 million. At that time, it looked like Netflix could have been getting ready to close all of its shipping facilities within a year or two. Since then, the decline has stabilized, but those shipping hubs are still closing. A Netflix spokesperson recently told the Montana Standard that it was closing ??a handful?? of its DVD distribution centers, with its facility in Butte, Mont., being one of them. According to the story, Netflix still maintains 39 distribution centers nationwide. The company declined to share any specific numbers around these closures with us, with a spokesperson only saying that ??DVD continues to be important to Netflix and we want to offer our DVD customers the best possible service.?? Previously, Netflix operated as many as 58 distribution centers. 
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